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Sticking Clutch problem

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Yesss... the day before I was to bring my car into the dealer to have my trunk fixed for the relocking problem (you all know this story by now I'm sure) I was at the Atlanta airport picking up my wife and the next thing I know my clutch is stuck to the floorboard and my stick is stuck in the neutral position!

I had to force the stick in first to grind my way out of traffic. Then I had to get out of the car and reach down to pull the clutch up from the floorboard. It would then work for about 10 min before sticking again, where, I would have to pull it up again. I figured out that I could reach my other foot under the clutch arm and pull it up without getting out the car.

You wonder why I have a stick and not DSG? Well I had to special order the 6sp manual becuase I love the feel of a manual trans. Just me.

Since I already had an appointment for the next day I called the dealer and they asked me to bring the car in an hour earlier to find the problem. 3 hours later they say they found a leak on the slave cylinder. Well, great! easy fix, right? maybe not.

Last night I was on the road again and the clutch stuck again. I'm starting to wonder if they actually found something before.

I will follow up when it is actually fixed in case any of you have similar problems.
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My OH is a smoker he knows that he isnt smoking in my new car unless he wants his hands cutting off! :D

Stephb xx
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