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Stone Chips

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I don't think I have ever had a stone chip on my windscreen(shield) in my previous 20 years of motoring. I've heard a few sounds of stones flicking off the windscreen but never suffered any damages as a consequence.

Until now, that is. I think the EOS windscreen is a stone magnet. I've got half a dozen tiny scuffs on the screen, and this morning went one better with a real chip, about the size of a small coin.

Not sure if this is because of the extra pot-holes we appear to be suffering from at this time of year, or that I'm driving her a bit too fast :rolleyes:

Anybody else suffering?
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chances are its grit off the roads as we had a icy winter :) ive noticed it too

Steph xx
hmmm ive just been thinking that it only seems to happen to men (not being sexist) maybe your driving too close to the car infront because your not realising the size of your bonnet is only small therefore a small gap so the stonechips can get you?? i seen the gritters out the other night so its probably that too.

Steph xx
not sure about the blue nun but im sure the hedgehogs are still in circulation as my sister had one at her christmas party lol!

I did get a stone chip at the weekend im gutted :( it also put a scratch on my windscreen but its right at the bottom of it and the ston chip is at the top of my bonnet near the windscreen on the lip :( stupid person infront grrr

Steph xxx
I wasnt being sexist honest lol! i wasnt driving too close to the car infront it just somehow hit me i didnt see it i ducked for life lol! poor snobbers :(

Steph xxx
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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