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!!!stop Press!!! - Dealer Memo Regarding Autoglym

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Hi Guys,

My dealer has had a memo come through from VW Head Office saying that any kind of Paint or Interior protection MUST NOT be offered on the EOS.

Apparently they have had trouble with the Autoglym chemicals damaging the seals, therefore making the car leak when it rains!

I have no idea if they will recall those cars that have had the treatment to dose the seals up with Krytox or even if those who have already ordered the treatment will be contacted and told that they can no longer have it.

I would suggest that if you have had the treatment or have ordered it, you contact your dealer immediately for advice.
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Hi Gavin,

My EOS had the Autoglym treatment and it as been through an awful lot of wet weather since I have had it. I have driven for 3 hours at motorway speeds in torrential rain and have had no water leaks at all.

The seals on my car look OK, but I will ask my dealer tomorrow if he has seen the memo and seek his advice. As my car does not leak, the last thing I would want to see is a new set of seals being fitted and then end up with a leaking car !

Many thanks for the info. I'll update with my dealer response.


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I spoke to my dealer about the VW memo and they said that the Autoglym treatment is VW approved so there were no concerns for me.

Still no leaks and the car is getting a right soaking most days.

Oh the joys of the UK summer !
I will have to wait and see if anything happens to the seals in the next couple of years. If so, maybe I will be able to point a finger at the memo. My view is that if the treatment was done incorrectly, by getting the product onto the seals then maybe there could be a problem. From what I can see on the seals on my car and checking them against a new car in the showroom, the seals appear to look and feel the same.
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