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Suprise Purchase!

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Hi to all the Eos Devotees in the World,
From the moment of delivery I have adored my 08 plate Eos, and have been desperate to purchase a scale replica to admire my car in the warm comfort of my home on those days when having the roof down requires weatherproofing underwear. I have searched high and low, checked out UK and afar websites with no luck. Doing the girlie thing and hitting TK Maxx in Cambridge on Sunday morning with a dear buddy I was amazed and impressed to find a VW branded 1:43 scale replica of my beloved Eos in deep black pearl with cornsilk beige interior for £4.99! Bargain! Even as a chick into cool bargain clothes the highlight of my day has been a mini Eos to hold and adore!
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There have been 1/43 models of both the VW Concept C (from which the Eos was developed) and the Eos itself by French manufacturer Norev for 3 - 4 years.

I have a model of my own car in silver with red interior (but of course in lhd because it's a French model!)

It's very high quality and comes with a removable roof so I can have it as a convertible or a hardtop - just like the real thing!

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