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Tdi struggling to start

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Hi, I have ownen my EOS for 11 months and in that time the car has refused to start ( engine just turns over when keyinserted but doesnt start) 12 times. I have had the car back to VW twice last time they replaced the starter mootor saying this was the problem but last night AGAIN it refused to start
I have to wait up to an hour and then the car eventually seems to start. Its not a heat problem

Has any one else had a similar experience please
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When cold, my Eos always starts the instant the key is turned.

In maybe the last 6 months, it is noticeable that it takes longer to restart, after it has been driven at normal operating temperature.

The other night, after filling up with fuel, it just wouldn't start. It turned over happily, but just wouldn't kick.

Rang for road side service, he checked all the fuses, tried all his usual stuff, and still nothing. Eventually, he disconnected the battery and reconnected it and it started, and has been starting when cold without a problem since.

The hesistation when warm seems a little less as well.

Geoff, how long has it been since the fuel filter was changed? I had a similar problem with my old-fashioned mechanically injected Toyota diesel. The filter housing partially filled with crud from a batch of dirty diesel which swirled around and intermittently block the filter when the engine was turned off. A few taps on the filter housing would usually dislodge enough crud to get the beast started. Only problem was the filter eventually clogged completely before I could get home resulting in a roadside filter change and injector pump reprime [I always carry spare filters and fan belts as these situations always happen off-road in areas with no mobile phone coverage :(].

I suspect you have encountered a load of dirty fuel in your travels - if the filter is found to be full of crud, I would change the next two filters early as they will have to remove the remaining crud that is still in the fuel tank.
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