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Tdi struggling to start

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Hi, I have ownen my EOS for 11 months and in that time the car has refused to start ( engine just turns over when keyinserted but doesnt start) 12 times. I have had the car back to VW twice last time they replaced the starter mootor saying this was the problem but last night AGAIN it refused to start
I have to wait up to an hour and then the car eventually seems to start. Its not a heat problem

Has any one else had a similar experience please
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Never had this issue, but I have a two questions. Answer honestly and they may lead you to a possible cause.
Question 1: Do you let your vehicle run for a little bit after arriving at your destination?
Question 2: Do you ever take very short trips, and the engine does not warm to 190° on the temp guage?
Reason for questions:
1. Turbo engines need to cool down the turbo after running. Does not take too long, I usually go about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Letting the engine idol also lowers the fuel supply to the jets. Too much fuel left in the supply from turning off right away can foul the plugs when you go to start.
2. Turbo engines need to warm completely to running temperature or you can foul the plugs. My guess would be that you have short trips that do not get the engine to full temp, and the plugs are fouling. Dealers should tell you this when you buy a turbo engine, however I wonder if they even realize it. I have watched a dealer pull a vehicle around to the customer and turn it off right away. You can get by with this quite a few time, but eventually the pluggs will start to foul. See if these scenarios fit, otherwise not sure.
Hope this helps,
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I made a mistake. I stated the temp for petrol engine. TDI will have a different normal operation temp for diesel. I do not have the normal operation temp you should see. Next time you are running take a look after you have driven for about 10 -15 minutes it should top out. That will be your operational temp. Always try to ensure your engine gets to this temprature before turning off.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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