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The dreaded "clunk" in the roof

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Our Eos is just over 12 twelve months old and has just had its 12 month (first) service during which they (the VW dealer in Canberra) "found" the clunk in the left hand C pillar which had been there since day 1 and which I had mentioned to the service people on several occasions (ie when getting the audio unit replaced).

The Eos was duely booked for another 4 hour session two days ago, but after checking everything from the shock absorbers up ( as required by Volkswagen) the source of the noise is still a mystery despite the fact that I mentioned the Volkswagen Technical Tips TT-07-80 dated May 25 2007 (it is an official VW document)referring to the procedure of removing shims from the lower guide in the C-pillar.

They now want the car for 2 days in late march for further investigation.

I was told that they need to utilise a "jig" or a bracket that holds the weight of the semi-raised roof and hold it in place whilst the work is carried out. It is a "detailed and expensive " operation (for the dealer).They said they have successfully carried out this operation on 1 other EOS.

Has any ony one else had this experience?

Generally I find the dealer pretty good to deal with - friendly etc with the exception of them being loathe to listen to suggestions from a mere customer.

Am I alone in this feeling?
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since ours went on H&R springs these noises are much more frequent.

I tried lenmarc's fix which helped a bit, but it's still there.

Then, apart from the clunks, I was also getting squeaks/rattles from the right C pillar. I saw the white 'marks' by the pen were not lining up. I got my 13mm socket out and tightened the nuts, the squeak/rattle is gone. The nuts were not even finger tight.

But the clunk is still there. I have no idea how to align the black plastic spacer block properly. I may take it apart over the weekend and start removing shims... assuming that's where the shims are?

I tried turning up the music too but when your ear is tuned to listen to something, and that noise is still there, then it is even more annoying
Yesterday I had a day off and I decided between attempting to knock out the noises in the Eos or going for a bike ride, I picked Eos.

I had the top half open/close multiple times to remove a shim, to adjust the catches etc. I got rid of the annoy squeak and I thought I'd call it a day, but I looked at the sunshine outside and thought days off are pretty rare, so I kept going to try to eliminate the clunk noise as well.

I should have gone for a bike ride. Somehow I stuffed up the sequences and the car decided it's had enough of the nut screwing around with the roof, and locked me out of all roof operations. I had a partially open roof with no window operations, drove down the freeway (freezingway) to the dealer with windows wide open.

Thankfully, they looked into it for me and were able to reset the computer and only charged me an hour's labour. Highway VW has been great, they replaced the aircon system for us and sorted it out under warranty (even though the car was 1 month expired), and also got our Passat repaired on the next day after the aftermarket battery leaked acid and destroyed the starter motor.

+1 for Highway VW Springwood Service Department
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thanks ppalma
My car had a few shims. I removed one and it made it better.
But the lesson I learned is don't play with what you don't know

I'm leaving it alone now!
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