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The dreaded "clunk" in the roof

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Our Eos is just over 12 twelve months old and has just had its 12 month (first) service during which they (the VW dealer in Canberra) "found" the clunk in the left hand C pillar which had been there since day 1 and which I had mentioned to the service people on several occasions (ie when getting the audio unit replaced).

The Eos was duely booked for another 4 hour session two days ago, but after checking everything from the shock absorbers up ( as required by Volkswagen) the source of the noise is still a mystery despite the fact that I mentioned the Volkswagen Technical Tips TT-07-80 dated May 25 2007 (it is an official VW document)referring to the procedure of removing shims from the lower guide in the C-pillar.

They now want the car for 2 days in late march for further investigation.

I was told that they need to utilise a "jig" or a bracket that holds the weight of the semi-raised roof and hold it in place whilst the work is carried out. It is a "detailed and expensive " operation (for the dealer).They said they have successfully carried out this operation on 1 other EOS.

Has any ony one else had this experience?

Generally I find the dealer pretty good to deal with - friendly etc with the exception of them being loathe to listen to suggestions from a mere customer.

Am I alone in this feeling?
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Then, apart from the clunks, I was also getting squeaks/rattles from the right C pillar. I saw the white 'marks' by the pen were not lining up. I got my 13mm socket out and tightened the nuts, the squeak/rattle is gone. The nuts were not even finger tight.
Do you mean the two nuts holding a knurled plate and a slotted bracket together? Careful with those! They connect the main mechanic to the A-pillar latch. If they are loose the latch may fail to open/close, and if you tighten then in the wrong position you'll bend the actuating lever and will have a relatively big repair in hands.

By the "black plastic spacer block" you probably mean the black painted aluminum wedge screwed to each side of the C-Segment. These you can untighten with the C-Segment over the M-Segment (2x Torx 30 screw), being careful not to scratch your beautiful black paint, and remove one shim from the side the noise comes from to add some tension to the system and prevent it from moving from side to side. This assuming there is one shim to be removed, as many Eos leave the factory with no shims at all.
thanks ppalma
My car had a few shims. I removed one and it made it better.
But the lesson I learned is don't play with what you don't know

I'm leaving it alone now!
My Roof CLUNKS too but wait there's more ....

My '08 EOS also suffers from a clunky roof. I think it's just a part of being a hard top convertible. A Merc SLK I drove a while back also "talked" over bumps.

If your car clunks loudly over sharp bumps I suggest you also check the boot for a loose spare wheel (mine was loose, and tightening it up greatly reduced the noise.)
Also the boot floor where it sits on the lip at the rear can also bang a little. A bit of rubber strip or felt fixes this.

I would like to get a hold of the VW Tech Tip TT-07-80

Can anyone supply?


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EOS roof C-pillar clunk

I've got the dreaded clunk on my 2007 Eos whenever it goes over a bump. Viewing this thread there appears to be two possible solutions. One involves gluing in some felt and the other removing a shim(s) according to a VW technical bulletin. Elsewhere other posters say that the roof mechanism is too complicated and one just has to put up with it. The last posting goes back to 2010 and I'm wondering if anyone can provide an update on the best way to get rid of this clunk. I add that at the last service the VW dealer said it could take up to 20hrs for diagnosis and repair and 3 weeks for parts (up to $1000 for these) and made no mention of these two fixes. So if it can be fixed with a piece of felt or removal of a shim I'll be pretty happy!
Clunk in the roof mechanism EOS 2011

I have had the same fault for a few months now. The extended warranty is due to expire in a few days time. I mentioned this noise to the VW Chester dealership,whereupon they said there would be a £96 inspection fee,returnable if any fault found, was covered by the ext warranty. I declined this and opted for an annual service & MOT,trusting that any fault found in the MOT could be rectified under the warranty.
Car passed the MOT without any problems,so last week,deciding to bite the bullet,re the £96, I arranged to take the car in again for the fault to be diagnosed & rectified.
I also took around 5 pages of print offs from the EOS forum to help the mechanic to concentrate on the C pillar,particularly Lanmarc's posting with photos.
He said he wouldn't need the print offs as "they had all the info in the workshop".
Took him out to hear the clunk & left it to him.
That day, & next, no news other than he'd fitted a new suspension arm ,but fault persisted. They rang to inform me that they'd need to have the car over the weekend for further investigation.
Middle of the next Monday afternoon,they rang to say VW Warranty said the roof would need stripping to locate the fault but that would need to be done at my expense.
I said that I did not wish to have to pay for this when as far as I was concerned the area of the fault was around the C pillar & not the roof.
I said that I could collect it that afternoon.
As it transpired I did not have to pay the £96,but still have a car with the fault it went in with !
So now wondering if it's worth renewing the warranty next week,as most seem to exclude the roof,as I saw on a Merc site they are ready to cover the car for the initial new warranty ,then exclude the roof.
Any ideas folks on warranties that include the roof ?
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I would like to get a hold of the VW Tech Tip TT-07-80
The tech tip is actually 61-07-80 which deals with the c-pillar shims.

TT 61-07-80 · KNOCKING FROM THE C-PILLAR AREA · 2007-01-01

jotoho1: Ask your dealer about it. Sorry, I haven't tracked it down yet, but they should know about it. Apparently it's a Bentley download.:( It's sounds like useful info to know about.
Thanks Voxmagna.
Sorry didn't turn over the page to see your posting.
Just got it back from the dealership after involving VW Customer Services.
It has taken almost 3 weeks but after several false dawns & fixes ,fingers crossed,it's fine.
Was thinking any more visits to the dealers & I'd be on their next works outing !
It seems from what I was shown by the mechanic,shims were adjusted on both sides of C pillar(L & R) & the "lugs " that sit in the area shown by Ianmarcs photos,"re sleeved",with felt,rubber ,or whatever is used to absorb any rattle.
Special thanks for assistance to Jason -VW Extended Warranty
Alexander Coombe & John ( Mechanic)VW Inchcape Chester
& very special mention to Joanne Mars VW Customer Services.
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