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This EOS is going......

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...absolutely NOWHERE.

There have been a number of people having bad experiences of late, but I'd just to say they still appear to be few and far between. I've had my EOS for 3 months now and I'm still of the opinion it's an absolutely fantastic car. I LOVE everything about it. :cool:


(no disrespect to those less fortunate, just like to add some positivity to the mix)


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I had one problem, It seemed that the boys @ wolfsburg did not know anything about the Houston, Tx heat factor and the compressor died, They had to get one from Germany, which took 2 and a half week to get here and fix. Luckily I got a free rental for the duration. part of the $500 dealer charge service that they tagged on in the beginning. The service writer told me that it has been a recurring thing in this 100 degree heat we have here.
but aside from that, 8 mths and under $6000miles later, I still am amazed at this thing of beauty everytime I open up my door to the garage. (yeah under 6000 miles, I love home officing!!)
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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