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This EOS is going......

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...absolutely NOWHERE.

There have been a number of people having bad experiences of late, but I'd just to say they still appear to be few and far between. I've had my EOS for 3 months now and I'm still of the opinion it's an absolutely fantastic car. I LOVE everything about it. :cool:


(no disrespect to those less fortunate, just like to add some positivity to the mix)


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Hi Folks--

The only misgiving I'm having about my Eos is my fault-- I didn't negotiate a larger mileage allowance during the lease agreement. I just ended the first year of a 3-year lease and already I've chalked up over 16,000 miles on a 36,000 mi. allowance. The two Beetles I leased had an allowance of 15,000 mi. per year; I should have held out for as much on Legolas, my Paprika Red/Black trophy, but I caved in to get a lower note.

I've already hinted to the general manager at the dealership I patronize that I will probably bring my Eos in for a trade at the end of the 2nd year in 2008 to avoid the over-mileage penalty, and he seems verbally at least to be agreeable. But after having acquired four cars from him in the past five years, I believe they want to retain me as a customer.

Overall, the sales and service has been excellent in those five years. Since I don't know if it's okay to name names I won't, but I will say that it's in west suburban Atlanta. And my next trade will of course be another Eos--either be another Paprika Red/Black beauty or Black/Black.

See y'all on Peachtree Road. I'll be playing Vince Guaraldi's "Lucy and Linus" all the way thru Halloween.
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