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Those Custom Suitcases . . .

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Hello everyone!

Ordered my 2008 Eos yestersay, so I have 16 weeks to wait and nothing to do but shop for accessories. I am trying to pace myself, but those suitcases are very tempting.

However, I was wondering if any of you current owners have managed to fit an existing suitcase of your own in the allowable space for same with the top down. If so, what were the measurements of the case?

Thanks for your help!

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Wife and I just got back from the beach for a 3 day weekend. Brought the dog who owned the rear seats and the small triangular windows (perfect for the dog by the way). We used two duffle bags that were pretty packed, but all the same they don't have rigid sides so they were snug, but fit in the cubby with the guard down. Just a cheaper option if you want to opt for another accessory.

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