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Throttle response

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Since this is the first turbo charged engine I have driven, I am not too familar with the throttle response. I called the service advisor at my dealer and asked if there should be a delay between pushing on the accelerator and starting to move. He said there would be less than a half second for the response. I think there is a much longer time, it seems that unless I give it a lot of throttle, it is slow to respond. Should the trubo need to kick in before the car moves. When I get into my Subaru and touch the accelerator, it moves right now, instant response. I asked the dealer to check my computer and see if everything was okay and he told me that the computer is so sophisticated that it would tell me if something is wrong. I just think that when I want to move, I should be able to go without so much delay and without calling on the turbo to get going.

2.0t, sport
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throttle response is good if u engage the DSG in shifts, not in natural e D gear. a competent driver capable of driving well with the paddle shifts will enjoy the process, with minimal lag in gear changes and response.

that said, boring the throttle body and doing the 2.5" DP helps alot, and if u r into mid-high end pull, try Volker Iridium 8ZR spark plugs, bang for bucks!! :D
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