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Throttle response

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Since this is the first turbo charged engine I have driven, I am not too familar with the throttle response. I called the service advisor at my dealer and asked if there should be a delay between pushing on the accelerator and starting to move. He said there would be less than a half second for the response. I think there is a much longer time, it seems that unless I give it a lot of throttle, it is slow to respond. Should the trubo need to kick in before the car moves. When I get into my Subaru and touch the accelerator, it moves right now, instant response. I asked the dealer to check my computer and see if everything was okay and he told me that the computer is so sophisticated that it would tell me if something is wrong. I just think that when I want to move, I should be able to go without so much delay and without calling on the turbo to get going.

2.0t, sport
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I think I know the answer to this...

There is a component in the engine called a DV (Diverter Valve) that's responsible for recirculating the air/exhaust gases around the turbo system.

This valve is made by Bosch and they are notorious for failing as they are a plastic diaphragm type which often sticks/ceases. This causes the problems that you are experiencing.

You have two options: you can either ask the dealer to replace the DV with another but risk that this may too fail or you can buy an aftermarket one...

When I had the TT, almost all members of the club changed their DV for an aftermarket one such as Forge or Bailey which are metal and have a spring inside and are therefore much more efficient.

I have read on other forums that this is also a problem on the 2.0T FSi engine and those people that change to an aftermarket DV are much happier.

Please take a look at this link as it explains alot better than I can:
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Believe me, changing that valve will definitely improve throttle response, even if there is nothing wrong with the factory fitted one. I will definitely consider changing ours soon after the car arrives. Only problem is that it's much harder to change on the EOS than on the TT.
Hi Tintin,

That's just a general link that I found for Diverter Valve info, there are a number available that will fit the 2.0T FSi - and a few that are the atmospheric blow off type that dump to atmosphere with a rather loud whooshing sound - not that any of us respectable EOS owners (or future owners) would want that on our cars :)
Here you go, take a look at this link - this is what I was talking about. Makes for very intersting reading, even if you do not buy one.

If there is enough interest, perhaps we could arrange a group buy to get a discount although not very easy to fit.
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