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It’s time for me to sell my EOS. I love it, but I’m out of space in the garage after the NSX arrived.

Priced at $31,500, it’s a 2008 2.0T Highline Edition in Eismeer Blue Metallic with Cornsilk Tan leather interior with the DSG automatic transmission and paddle shifters. It has the 18” Samarkand alloy wheels with Pirelli P6 all-season tires, park distance control, and the wind blocker. The only option I didn’t order was the pass-through ski bag, since I never intended to take the car skiing! I added the alloy pedals and rear chrome accent strip, both genuine VW accessories. The car has been garaged all its life and has just over 19k kilometres on it. The car is in pristine shape, inside and out. It would look right at home in the showroom.

Since neither Navigation nor Dynaudio was available in 2008, the factory radio (with SIRIUS, 6 disc in-dash cd player, and aux input in the console) was upgraded with professionally installed audiophile-grade Hertz speakers and a 4-channel Soundstream 320-watt amplifier. In the front I went with a two-way system while the rears have coaxial speakers. I kept the factory head unit as is and placed the amplifier under the driver’s seat. The car still looks completely stock, but now sounds amazing, a huge improvement on the original “premium” sound system that came with the car.

I have all the service receipts. Aside from oil and filter changes at 6k and 14k, I had a defective Homelink system repaired (sun visor was replaced) and a squeaking driver’s seat fixed (a new seat back was installed), both under warranty. I had the car undercoated by the dealer prior to delivery for reduced road noise; I think it makes the car noticeably quieter. The car also had an alignment at 14k, by a qualified alignment shop since the dealer couldn’t seem to get it just right.

I have all the original purchase documents, the invoices and manuals for the audio system upgrade (a $2,400 job), even the original 2008 EOS promotional booklet. In-service date was March 31, 2008 and the original purchase price was $44,943.

I've listed the car at $31,500, but am open to all offers. I’d be happy to show off this great vehicle; I live near White Rock, BC. If you’re interested, please send me a message. I can provide more pictures.


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She's a beauty. Me, personally, I'd leave the NSX outside and keep the Eos :)

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Hope you have luck finding a buyer on your side of the border. On this side we had a better selection of options at a lower price and better car prices. Of course there is that exchange rate on currencies. I'm not sure Canadian versions are US legal smog and safety wise. I remember hearing of people coming south to buy and taking it back across the border but don't know how many were successful. I know the warranty was no good if you did this.

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Gorgeous car, low kms. I bought my 2008 same colour, black interior 40,000kms in California. Warranty came with it. 2008 last year warranty transfers between countries. Asking price is good especially with upgraded sound system.

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Is the Autotrader still any good for selling cars? better to try ebay or craigslist?
I've just sold my Eos.
You can see the spec below and to say it was totally immaculate is an understatement; this car looked even better than new ones sitting in the dealers' showrooms! It had 61000 miles on it and was being sold with the Wind Deflector included. The specification is very desirable in silver with red leather and some nice extras.

The CAP (Motor Traders' Bible!) gave a valuation of £11450 dealer forecourt price, £10250 for a private sale, £9775 for trade-in in this condition.

I advertised it in the AutoTrader for £9850 and the advert was on their website plus in the magazine for 3 weeks.

I didn't even get one single phone call.

Eventually I had to sell it to the trade for £8000, which made me weep. It will appear on some forecourt for £11495 or even £11995 and someone will get an absolutely fantastic deal - but not me..

As an aside there is an item in this week's "Autocar" headed "Too Good To Be True?" featuring a used 2006 Eos 2.0 TSi with 99000 miles on the clock for sale for £9995. They say "This VW folding tin-top looks significantly undervalued at a fiver under £10k", which is explained by the high mileage and solid colour paintwork.

Well, whatever the guides say a car is only worth what someone will pay you for it, and used car buyers will only ever pay you slightly less than nothing.

I understand from most people that the used car market is totally flat at the moment and to get any offer from anyone is something of an achievment.

Good luck!

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neh321, did you post back on here that you were lowering the price? I saw your initial post about selling it wanting £10k, but didn't see an update. All the cars on Autotrader have been there for a while, but it's snowing and definately not the time to sell a convertible!

I don't think I'd buy one at 61,000 miles, to sell it again in the future could prove problematic when it had 80 or 90k miles. But I'm surprised you didn't even get one call.

What did you replace it with?

And to MWR with the pics of the Leonie blue one, that's the car I'm looking for! Perfect condition low mileage in that colour. It looks like it's never been driven. Shame you're not in the UK! (and your garage is cleaner than my kitchen).
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