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Tip: Red Nappa Leather care with baby milk

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Just sharing that I've gently rubbed the red nappa leather of my 3 weeks-old Kitty Eos with basic baby care milk (whatever the exact name of that is in English language... It's the sort of cream/milk used for baby cleansing...). Did that yesterday evening with Demak-Up discs, let it dry overnight, and this morning the seats and door covers are all nice and healthy... (and with a sweet smell of aloe vera or whatever scented flower :D )...My dealer told me to do this after a few days, so as to avoid cracks and wear... He's an experienced salesrep specializing in high end VW and Audi's (Phaeton, A8...) and told me NOT to buy the specialized products sold by VW or other car professionals... The basic baby care milk would do an even better job, he said, proving it with his own 07 Eos and a 06 Touareg, both in red leather...
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I've got the Cornsilk Beige/Titanium Black leather on my Individual EOS. Would you think the baby lotion is a good suggestion for care of this also?

I've been wondering how to best preserve the leather.

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Ok. So I'm going to use baby lotion for maintenance. How often would you suggest? Also, even on the leather steering wheel?

Also, what would you recommend for cleaning for the day to day build up on pale nappa leather.
I bought a 42p bottle of Boots Baby Lotion and have used it on all my leather except the passenger seat on which I used some branded leather treatment I had kicking around.
I'll let you know if I notice a difference.
I've also ordered a bottle of the Lexol leather cleaner that I found in the UK for £10.
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