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Hello fellow members,

Looking for advice from you guys before making my first purchase on the VW EOS. The range of years I am interested in is 2012 in particular and I want to know if there is anything or some things I should look at the car during my inspection. Of course, you have a lot of maintenance tips or important things to check when buying, so I wanted to create this thread to see if I could be of any help with that.

I have a 2012 VW EOS in my sights and it is very nice. This car really fits my budget but I'm a little weary because it has a salvage title. Let me share some thoughts, can I get your opinion on whether this is good or not? Is there anything I should check myself or have a mechanic check when checking this car? It says the front end is new, so I wonder if there is a way to see any previous damage or problems with the car. I love this model and I can not wait to buy it at the end of this month because I am using the car now and it is not good! Please advise if you want to withdraw or talk to the seller about this because for the price this is what I found to be clean.

Link to the ad: 2012 VW Eos - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale

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I want to say a big thank you to @2phast for taking out time to provide this helpful and informative advice.

I have decided not to buy this vehicle, simply because I got a Vehicle History report from Detailed Vehicle History, and the report shows that it has a mileage discrepancy, meaning the odometer has been altered, now only God knows what else is been hidden about this car, not to talk of the damaged roof which my mechanic found.

Check out the link to the vehicle history report, in there also lies some of the auction images: Vehicle History Report for VIN: WVWFW7AH9CV017697

Car Grille Vehicle Wheel Automotive tire

Car Vehicle Tire Land vehicle Wheel

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Steering wheel Window

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The listing specifically states the car was totaled due to hail damage. Texas hail can be the size of golf balls and will break the windows and dent up the hood, trunk, fenders etc.

I would ask what panels were replaced and what was repaired on the roof. Roof problems are the most important thing you should be looking at, along with water leaks into the interior and trunk.

Don't buy this car unless you pay for a PPI at a VW dealer and make sure they check out the roof functionality and inspect for any previous signs of water ingress. The trunk mounted pump should also be inspected for signs of corrosion.

If you plan on fully insuring the car, make sure your insurance company will provide full coverage on a salvage titled vehicle, some do not.
Nice, Thanks a lot for this detailed feedback.
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