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Top scare...

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Today I pulled up to a traffic light that just went red. Since I knew I was looking at maybe 2 minutes plus, I decided to put the top up since I was going to a movie and would have had to put the top up anyway. I started it up to the point where the top was raising out of the trunk.

About this time, some jerk pulls up tight on my rear. I released pressure on the brake pedal to creep forward a coupe of feet at maybe 1/2 MPH. As soon as the car started to move, the top quit moving and I felt a jerk. I immediately add brake pressure to stop the move. I probably only moved about 2 feet if that. As soon as I was full stopped I reversed the process and then waited until I could park before putting the top back up (with no problem.)

I could have swore I saw something here to the effect that the top can be put up or down at less than 5 MPH (which I was no where near).

I'm never going to touch the up/down switch again unless the parking brake is engaged.
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always keep one eye on the sky !!! mhhhawwwww:D
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