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Tow bar fitted & Wind Deflector

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Hi all
I have a car broker who's done their research and negotiation to order me a new EOS (Salsa Red, Black leather, 147TSI, 18" alloy, Sat Nav).. for when I return to Melbourne in July after a 5 year stint in Singapore. (driving a Mazda 3.. boring but affordable!) Sorry SGP local EOS owners.
I'm interested in AUS EOS owners experiences with getting VW to fit the towbar? or have you done somewhere else? Its a must for me with road bike to carry.... and how many ordered the wind deflector? or got it thrown in as part of the deal! (extra but no charge).

Tx Narelle.....
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Thanks Cappers! They are very helpful.


I called around some other towbar places and most couldn't offer a suitable bar. One place though claimed to be able to fit a Euro style towbar (does "Euro" mean hidden when detached?? ...should've asked...) --- but their price was several hundred dollars more than the dealer's.

Anyway, thanks again.

Have you contacted Hayman-Reese to see if they can help? Their product is more expensive than normal towbars but you are getting a quality product that will be properly fitted and guaranteed to be suitable for your vehicle.

In the case of your Eos, a cheap towbar may end up costing heaps if it causes structural misalignment due to inappropriate fitting.
Yes - I would be very concerned about ADR/VW compliance issues as this would be a very convenient "escape hatch" for an insurance company if you ever had to make a claim.

As far as the VW model compatibility goes, have you enquired about a HR towbar for a Passat? If my memory is correct, the Eos rear subframe comes from the Passat and not the Golf but I will stand corrected by others with more experience in this area. You might be able to interest HR in using your car to evaluate if they can use one of their existing towbars for the Eos.
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