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Towing hitch on EOS

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Hi, this is my first post. I'm getting a new to me 2007 TDi Sport next week. Not many extras so some things to think about.

However, I need to tow a small camping size trailer occasionally, yes I know this isn't for everybody! I've read about replacing the VW rear bumper and getting it painted, but the UK cost of around £500 doesn't impress me.

Has anybody here cut their rear bumper to fit a tow hitch and how did it look? The oem hitch requires something like a 12" wide X 4" high cutout which I believe is mostly for the drop down lighting socket, but I've seen another hitch that only needs a hole about 4" X 3".- although the lighting socket is always visible.

Are there any features given to the up front display from a genuine oem tow hitch that might not be given by an aftermarket using splices on the lighting and relays?

Do the rear parking sensors still work with both a fixed hitch and the removeable ball type, are there any reasons apart from cosmetics in favour of the more expensive removeable ball type? It seems to me at the moment that a fixed ball with a custom painted cover is a much cheaper option, but I don't know if the rear sensors would be affected by this AND a single socket togeher.

Can the roof be operated when a ball/trailer is hitched?

I'd appreciate any replies/photos, either from members with the VW oem setup or members who have cut a stock rear bumper.

Thanks in advance - Vox
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Photos attached.

The cut-out is very neat and fits exactly into the whole, but I haven't ever bothered to fix it. Would be interested to know if anyone has come up with a system.

The large bar is what they took out - think it's part of the crumple zone. Nobody has hit the rear of the car for the last 3 years, so it's been ok so far!

Good luck with your fitting.


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Eos Towbar

Hi Abo,

Thanks for posting your photos of the bumper cutout/towbar arrangement.

On the basis that the cutout can be refitted without being fouled by the housing/electrics, I'm now trying to design a simple/neat/secure fixing arrangement (incorporating quarter turn slotted screws or similar, as shown on the Wixroyd website) before trying a mockup prior to installation.

regards, Smike

PS. your Eos looks great!
Hey Abo,

Does that small blue piece laying on the ground cover the receiver hitch when not in use?

Regardless, even if left uncovered, the shot of the rear looks great. Nice job.

The blue thing on the floor is what was cut out of the bumper. It does fit the hole, but you would need to fix it in some way. I haven't done this and just leave it open - it's fairly low, so doesn't show that much.

I use the tow-bar for a bike rack - very pleased I had it done.
The best trailer hitch is the one that best fits the situation and load capacity of the unit being towed. Safety is always a concern, and trailer hitches are manufactured with certain load rating, as well as different sizes of coupling parts.
Just trying to obtain a quotation for fixing a Westfalia detachable towbar to my 2010 Eos - can anyone recommend a reliable towbar fitter/company in the Oxfordshire (UK) area to undertake this work??

thanks, Smike
You could get a quote from Trident Trailers - that's who I used, but they are Kent based, so not that close to Oxfordshire.
I got a Curt class 1 hitch installed. It is just below the bumper and is not very noticeable when the bar and ball is removed.

Installer had problems wiring the connector for the lights. I read up on forums before having it installed so I knew the LED tail light wires do not have enough current to supply the trailer lights and a control module $85 was needed. The installer powered the control module off the tail lights (duhh - defeats the purpose of the control module). Needless to say, when I hooked up the trailer the lights did not work. The installer fixed it no charge. No problems since.

I got the hitch to pull a Coachman Clipper 806. So far we have had it for one summer and the car pulls it just fine.
A tow hitch is a device attached to the bodywork of a vehicle for towing or a tow bar to an aircraft nose gear. When it comes to towing a trailer on today’s road, it requires a lot of preparation and planning by even the most experienced drivers. To help you become more confident behind the wheel, a solid understanding of towing principles is required.
Hi Abo - sorry to come so late to this thread - just joined the forum as I have been pondering long and hard as to how I fit a tow ball to tow trailers with my 2007 Eos.
So far I have bought a detachable Westfalia towbar and dedicated wiring - and have just ordered a second hand bumper (£50) to mitigate the risk of cutting a hole!
Out of interest, what did you cut your hole with? And how did you do it so neatly?
Hi Denismeos,
With ref to your query regarding installation of a towbar on your Eos, you may be interested in my own recent experience with my 2010 2.0 Tdi SE.
As the VW quote for a post-fit towbar plus twin electrics was prohibitively expensive, I opted for a local NATTA accredited towbar specialist (Indespension Ltd). Their quote was £514 for supply and installation of the detachable Westfalia bar with dedicated 13 pin electrics, including forming the cut-out in the rear bumper skirt, but excluding electronic recoding/activation for the TSP etc.

After reviewing the towbar installation experiences of other Eos owners (Abo in Eos Club, David P and Tony 66 in VW/Audi Club), my main concern was that the cut-out should be as inconspicuous as possible. My initial plan was to utilise the cover plate (cap) sold by VW for the Eos touring bumper, but this proved too problematical. In the event, the towbar fitter managed to neatly remove the cut-out in one piece (using a Stanley knife!). I subsequently refitted the cut-out using two 180 degree camlocks (Screwfix, £10.15 for 2), plus some aluminium strips (epoxy) glued to securely retain the cut-out in position.

The attached photographs illustrate the cut-out fixed/removed plus other views. I’m pleased with the final result, and the cover plate can easily be removed/replaced in seconds. My thanks to other Eos members who posts gave me confidence to proceed with this installation.

PS. The Eos is proving to be an exceptionally good towcar for my four berth Bailey caravan (I have not yet felt it necessary to have the TSP activated).


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can anyone please give size to cut out and position of hole from edge of bumper
as I have been told by towbar fitter they will not cut bumper
any help appreciated
I know this is an old thread, but having just purchased a 4 berth caravan, I am looking at cutting the bumper myself and using a mobile fitter to do the towbar and electrics.

Can anyone confirm the exact dimensions and position of the cutout, and also whether the black reinforcing bar has to be removed?

In Abo's post, the hole looks quite big, but Smike's looks much neater.

thanks in advance
Has anybody tried fitting these towbars with as smaller hole as possible? My thought is to cut the hole as small as i can get away with and wire the plug elsewhere in behind the bumper so the only space needed is for the towing ball to slip into plus hand room for mechanism?

Any thoughts?

Also is it possible to buy the cut out from vw and just cut the original bumper to a decent standard?
The touring bumper flap also, does anybody know if you can buy it a separate part? And if so is there another supplier other than vw?
I have a supplier for touring bumper flaps if needed, i will not be ordering what he has found for me as i have followed Smike's lead.

But hey thanks for no help, mt fuji has more activity than this forum
Posted a thread in the DIY section, £322 detatchable towbar and electrics fitted, with cutout in one piece, + £16 worth of tinkering and it is hidden too, hope it helps
I have read the posts on towing. I am somewhat discouraged with what I have read so far, but here goes my situation hoping for a viable answer.

I have a US-spec 2009 Eos Komfort with a 6-speed manual transmission and a 2.0T petrol burner.

I also have a 1974 Acapulco Thing (Trekker, Safari, Type 181).

I would like to take the latter with me on a vacation or ten without having to have a separate driver for each vehicle.

The Draw-Tite and Hidden set-ups are each rated for 2,000 pounds. The Thing's curb weight is 2,006 pounds. I also read unbraked towing limit for the Eos is 750 kg (1,653 pounds).

That would mean I would be over the limit trying to flat tow my Thing with a bar that attaches to the front beam.

Does anyone see a solution?

FWIW, I know a braking trailer could be an option as I saw 1,700 kg (3,747 pounds) would be the limit there -- meaning the trailer would have to weigh in at less than 1,741 pounds. However, I am not in a good situation where I can simply park the trailer when it is not in use (which would be most of the time).
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A tow hitch is a device attached to the bodywork of a vehicle for towing or a tow bar to an aircraft nose gear. When it comes to towing a trailer on today’s road, it requires a lot of preparation and planning by even the most experienced drivers. To help you become more confident behind the wheel, a solid understanding of towing principles is required.
Wow, I feel so enlightened!! Hopefully the rest of the forum feels the same way.:rolleyes:

Thanks for sharing.

However, I really don't think he has plans to become an OTR Driver with 18 wheels under and behind him.:D:D


This forum abuser has slipped in several years ago without my noticing - there have only been two posts; both in this thread.

The posts originated from India and the user has now been banned however the lack of activity suggests they have lost interest in the intervening years.
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