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Two newbie questions on the eos

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1. Why doesnt my eos have a light in the boot (trunk)?:confused:

2. Why do VW keep describing the eos as having a five piece folding roof when I only count three? Eg: sunroof, roof and back window.
Hey, have I got two pieces missing? :(

Cheers, David
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There are one or two little features I specially like that I'm not really used to having, yes. A chilled glovebox is one of them, although unless you have the aircon on (which you don't when the roof is down) it doesn't work, hence on a nice day, just when you need to keep that chocolate bar cool you can't!

I like the way the centre armrest can be moved for motorway driving then out of the way again when you need to change gear frequently. I also like the easy-entry system for rear-seat passengers (once you've mastered it!).

I do find the drinks holders annoying however as they are for lhd and not changed for rhd cars, which means if you have a water bottle in there it's right in the way of the gearchange hence I'm always throwing it on to the passenger seat from where it usually reaches the floor within about 15 seconds...

I also like the reversing monitors as I've clouted things which are below sight-level behind me before.
easy access for rear passengers please tell me ?as i find it quite stiff to push the front seat forward to let the kids in!
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