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Type of oil in 2.0TFSI

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I have just had my 20k service done and they have used BP Visco 3000, 10/40 oil. I'm a bit concerned about this as themake and model on my invoice i've just noticed is for 2.0 TDi. Looking at the handbook indicates different oils for petrol and diesel models.

Have they put the wrong stuff in? I can't find the info I want elsewhere on the web. Any help appreciated.

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I will only use Mobil 1 0W/40... It's the best, but probably twice the price of the castrol! I use that for top ups, and I think the service centre use the Castrol as standard...

I also use ZX1 (formula 1 anto friction agent)... It's a proper one, not like slick 50 and all that PTFE rubbish! I have used it on about 10 cars over about 10 years and it makes a remarkable difference!
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