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Uk owners Cleaning advice needed

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Not sure many of you know but The Eos is going to be my proper car. My first car was a micra so i never cleaned it ever....well it didnt smell or nothing.

Eos will be here real soon maybe next weekend, not sure yet. so will need to get all cleaning gear ready.

I dont know nothing about cleaning at all.

can you tell me what i need including even teh mist basic things.

what cloth to get?
do i need wax? do i need seperate cloth for wax and drying...
do windows need something else.
wat wax shall i get???

do i need something to clean alloys?? etc etc..

i know this is a bit strange.. i know a fair bit about where to get the bets finance deal around but not cleaning????
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Only washed mine once , I too have it cleaned in and out, weekly, BUT I must have left bird muck on boot and it has deffinately marked the boot, WONT COME OUT, so be extra careful, and wipe poo off as it drops !!!!!
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