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UK satnav postcode search

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ok ok another question coming friday so promise to shut up then
does the satnav do full postcode search?
really hoping the answer is yes
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Unfortunately, the updates are never free. VW buys the updated maps from a dedicated mapping company that expects payment on a "per client" basis.

So, if VW offered you free updates for life, they'd be eating into their profit on the car-- eventually, they'd be paying you to own the car.

I believe the standard price for car companies is about $200 per update (give or take based on volume sales).

If you have a Garmin portable unit, you will find that the updates can be as low as $75. This is purely based on Garmin's map purchasing volume.

The discs are all protected against copying because they are, in fact, owned by the map company-- we are just buying a license to use their property-- so you don't have the "right" to duplicate and distribute their materials.

Unfortunately, if you have a VW navigation system, you are going to have to give up some $$$ in order to get the latest maps.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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