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UK satnav postcode search

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ok ok another question coming friday so promise to shut up then
does the satnav do full postcode search?
really hoping the answer is yes
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Yes, it does.
thanks for that
Here's a tip, I got mine in mid January with the V3 DVD, it didn't have my local roads, and who knows what else! Kids scuffed it and I was quoted £183 (yes) for a replacement. On ebay I got the much improved V4 DVD, new and sealed, for £80. Great job, so check and don't accept the V3. G'luck
mmm dealer told me updates were free for life
any chance of a copy :rolleyes:
well i mine does not do 'full' postcode search
which is the same as the original tomtom , this was sorted with an agreement with the post office
i am hoping vw is the same and full search is available on a later updated dvd
I see you're getting your car this weekend. Enjoy! Just make sure it has the V4 dvd, and if not get the dealer to include it as part of the package.
got car its a 2006 demo
disc is europa V3 and looks pretty worn
is this the correct disc for the car/year?
Yeah, as I posted earlier I only got my car 18th Jan, and it came with the V3. The map stopped 15 miles from my house. Luckily I know the way home (!) but it made me wonder where else was missing. The V4 is a cracker, can anybody explain how it can be so accurate with estimated journey times?
can you confirm you are now able to enter full uk 7 digit postcodes with v4
like said mine lets me put in 4 digits and then have to select street and house number, same as tomtom used to be before update
this is a real pain
found v4 on a french ebay site for about £90 assume it is multilingual
dealer confirmed it dosnt do 7 digit as yet in v4 but v5 imminent and hopefully will
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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