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Under seat storage drawers

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can the OEM under seat storage drawer be purchased from vwuk:eek: or do you have to go to the USA to get them?:rolleyes:
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My car did not come with under the seat storage, and I have the manual seats too. So I purchased an under the seat drawer and installed it. I LOVE it. Storage in the EOS is permium - since there is VERY little of it. So the drawers add just more extra storage, and they fit perfectly and match perfectly. Personally, I think they were very worth it. Price was a little high, but damn I needed more storage!
The seat drawer: Width 9.75 inches by Height 2.62 inches by Depth 4.75 inches. Sorry I did not take the time to conver it to metric units.

The kits include everything it takes (excluding tools) to install the drawer. there is an English version of the installation manual online too.

I bought mine from OEM PL:

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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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