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Unexpected gadgets!!

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Hi guys,

I've just cleaned the inside of my car and found a button on the front seats. Being the curious sort, I pushed it. It seems that my car has electronic lumbar support control!

This is the second thing I have discovered that I wasn't expecting. Headlamp washers and now this..............not that I'm complaining!! Far from it.

I am unsure if these extras are part of the luxury pack. I didn't think they were when I ordered, hence my surprise at having them.

Something else, when I picked up the car and put it into reverse, it bleeped. The dealer said "did you order parking sensors"? I said "no". She said "oh well, keep quiet, you've got them". Have to say, I thought these were standard anyway, but said nowt.

I'm now wondering if VW have made a couple of mistakes and fitted stuff to my car they shouldn't have!!

Bonus if they have...............

Anyone else discovered unexpected gadgets and functions of their Eos?
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I figured out that if the noise is too loud, then my stereo isn't loud enough.
Hi Pepino, what music are you "treating" everyone to as you drive around?

I "treat" everyone to Elvis, wether they like it or not :D :D

Pepino, I have the ipod adapter fitted which means that when I am driving on my own, then I have my ipod fitted, but when my wife is with me, we Have to use her ipod, which believe me has some cringe worthy stuff on it, which I have had to already suffer to when I was forced to down load it for her !
Well actually she blackmailed me with the promise of a home made Lemon Merangue Pie, so I relented, as she new I would.

..a Fresh lemon Meringue Pie shouold be taken into internal custody immediately!

Hi Paul (another Paul)
They always are, with out hesitation.:D :D Once eaten, then she can't take it back.

I see that you have an ipod connection in your eos, is it the aftermarket/dealer lead in the glove box like mine (£150 for a lead with a connector at each end :eek: ) or is it sleek and sophisticated and built into the armrest ?
I wish that it would display the names and song titles etc

Hi Paul - same name and I actually come from Middlesbrough, not a million miles from Darlo, though live near the South Coast!

From other posts I understand that you can't 'see' the menu at more than a Playlist level
Hi Paul, Middlesborough, eh,hence the name "smoggy", which from what I have seen of Middlesborough, smoggy no longer applies !

It's a fuuny old world, I used to work in Havant, and lived on Hayling Island, just down the coast from you, but I moved the opposite way, up north.

You are right about the ipod and playlist, which can be a little bit frustrating, but it still gives access to lots of music.:(

When do you get your eos ?

Mine is the 2.0TFSi, Island Grey, Black Nappa, (Vivian) Westwood Alloys, Dual Zone whats it and a £150 ipod lead !:D

Its 6 months old this friday, with 3250 ish miles to date.

Paul :)
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1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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