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Unexpected gadgets!!

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Hi guys,

I've just cleaned the inside of my car and found a button on the front seats. Being the curious sort, I pushed it. It seems that my car has electronic lumbar support control!

This is the second thing I have discovered that I wasn't expecting. Headlamp washers and now this..............not that I'm complaining!! Far from it.

I am unsure if these extras are part of the luxury pack. I didn't think they were when I ordered, hence my surprise at having them.

Something else, when I picked up the car and put it into reverse, it bleeped. The dealer said "did you order parking sensors"? I said "no". She said "oh well, keep quiet, you've got them". Have to say, I thought these were standard anyway, but said nowt.

I'm now wondering if VW have made a couple of mistakes and fitted stuff to my car they shouldn't have!!

Bonus if they have...............

Anyone else discovered unexpected gadgets and functions of their Eos?
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The parking sensors are part of the roof control mechanism - the boot projects backwards as the roof operates and they prevent you from operating the roof if there is an object too close.
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