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Not sure if I can post this here:

My Brand new Eos will be hitting the UK in early December.
Although I will not be getting it until the 1st of March. This is because
my old Merc which is on a lease does not go back to Mercedes until then.

I have brought a new Touch Screen 510 Navi to go into it.

The thing is that the original EOS will have a spanking brand new totally unused MFD2 Navi System in it.

My dealer says that as soon as My car comes into the dealership
he will swap over the SAT NAV system.

Therefore, before I ebay it, when I get it.

Is any one interested in a never used, MFD2 Navi System for their baby ?

If so please email me and maybe we can decide a price :)

Alf (Worcester)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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