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video of working bluetooth phone feature

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Nice video showing a GTI owner getting the phone button on his steering wheel to work with his bluetooth enabled phones.
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Very Cool!! Were you able to do the complete install yourself? And I'm also wondering how long the process took. It seems such a shame to have the phone button on the steering wheel and not be able to use it. My partner has the MKV and I'm only days away from the delivery of my EOS. I'm guessing the same hardware would fit both vehicles?
The person who posted the video installed it himself. It seems you have to remove a bit of the interior but it didn't look overly hard.
Has anyone tried something like this with their EOS yet? We don't have that Bluetooth module as an available option, but it looks like we may be able to get the steering wheel integration piece as the steering wheel looks very similar if not exactly the same.

Stereo integration may be a bit harder though :-(
I've been digging through all of the links associated with the video and there seems to be 15 different ways people have done this.. It would be nice to see it adapted for our car.. Maybe when I get done with my current project at work I'll donate some time to sorting this out.. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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