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VW Autobahn Roadster/Coupe

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If this car is produced I want one.
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And if I remember correctly is it not this roadster design concept that spawned our beloved Eos. Did VW need to build a competitor to the boxter? the family concept of the chairman would have left that task to Audi / Seat ? So we got the peoples family convertable, the one and only Eos be it petrol or diesel, no big W12 as yet ?????? Where could you put it and still stow the roof ????
regards Graeme

Actually no. The Concept R was first shown at the Frankfurt Show in 2003 and was a 265 bhp V6 mid-engined 2-seater (which is why it was billed as VW's Boxster).

The similar-looking (at the front anyway) Concept C, first shown at Geneva in 2004, is what the Eos was based on, and looks very much like the production car, although I doubt if there are 2 single parts which are the same... It was generally much lower and sleeker but was no doubt not roomy enough for practical production.

There was also a Concept T shown at Detroit in 2004, which was a 4WD design.

I'm with you there Mike. Could we afford it tho !!

Me too! It looks like a miniature Porsche Carrera GT.
But sadly it is destined to remain only a concept for publicity purposes. It's now nearly 5 years old and VW are moving on to different things, e.g. the new Scirocco due later this year and to be manufactured alongside the Eos in Portugal.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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