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Hi there,

Quick introduction as I am currently restoring 3 VW Eos's in Rugby, England.... All have various problems, but the plan is to have them up and ready for the Summer; fully serviced, fully detailed and a few minor, subtle mods too.

I have:

2006 2.0TDi with 113,000 miles - Red / Cornsilk
2006 2.0TFSi with 58,000 miles - Black / Black
2007 2.0TFSi with 68,000 miles - Black / Cornsilk

I've already done a full service on the TDi, it had a problem with the glow plug light flashing occasionally and error codes for all glow plugs - ground to short. A quick replacement of the Glow Plug Relay sorted that one out. I replaced all the glow plugs afterwards too.

Occasionally, I get a dash warning requiring it to be taken to the shop - P0401 Exhaust Gas Recirc. Flow: Insufficient Detected... So, I need to strip off the EGR Valve / Cooler and give that a good clean out.

I was also getting a engine issue under acceleration in 3rd gear, it was cutting power quite violently. No ECU faults shown. After running a live data stream from Launch, I could see it was the OSF wheel sensor that was failing, within tolerances, but the ECU was thinking the wheel was skidding and cutting the power. I replaced both front ABS Sensors and problem solved. Again, a really cheap fix.

Once I've replaced the drop links on the suspension (Perished bushes) I'll get the tracking done. It was out by pulling left. I've manually adjusted it and it drives straight again, but needs putting on a laser system to get it spot on.

Cambelt was done at 80,000 so I'll renew that with a water pump kit and tensioners too.

Otherwise, it's a good car, just needs a really good clean and detailing - which is what I'm best at!

The 2006 TFSi - Nice low mileage, however, I bought it from a small time dealer who purchased it with a roof that did not work - he thought he would be able to fix it quickly, however, it's now in a bit of mess. He tried changing the passenger window regulator, driver's door switches and fiddled with the roof motor, but now the boot does not open with the remote or the drivers door switch - the emergency release doesn't work either... However, I can release the boot with the Launch Diagnostics by triggering the boot actuator. It could be that the roof is just out of sync or there is problem with roof ECU - the Launch system isn't recognising the roof ECU at all in this car - my other two Eos's can be interrogated and controlled fine by the Launch. I have a spare ECU to try. One thing I have noticed, he had removed the glass roof motor and now the spiral cable with the plastic end piece, that pull's the glass roof, is half way back on the passenger side, the driver's side seems fully forward. I have two spare roof motors and a new parking sensor ECU too. With the sale, the dealer included a complete roof (weighs a ton!!) which is in great condition - he only paid £150 from a scrap yard and it's in black too - a complete steal, so I'll be able to salvage some parts from that if needed. I'm hoping that I don't need to swap out the roof cable octopus.

The car did have an idling issue, where the RPM was hunting and the ECU had a whole load of P fault codes like P0100 Mass Air Flow Circuit, P0507 Idle Control System: RPM Higher than expected, P3138 Intake Manifold Runner Control: Control Difference etc... I replaced both the Mass Air Flow Sensor and the Crank Case Breather Valve and it runs perfectly. Cambelt and Water Pump were both done at 50,000.

The 2007 TFSi is my "keeper" for now whilst I work on the other two. Mechanically sound, again, pretty low mileage. It just needs a good machine polish and protection - I'll probably use Graphene on this car. One problem is the car came with no history - the seller couldn't find the owner's manual or documentation. However, the roof was serviced recently (got the receipt) - I am going to get the cambelt, chain and water pump done though as I don't know when it was last done - it looks like the cambelt plastic cover has been off at some point though.

I have upgraded the head unit's to 9" Android screens with Apple CarPlay on all three cars - None had any kind of Sat Nav, so this was the best way to go. I've still got the reversing cameras to fit.

Any info / tips are gratefully received. Hopefully I can be of assistance to the forum too. I use both VCDS and Launch Diagnostics.

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