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VW Eos on Fifth gear

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Anybody catch the report on the Peugoet 308 CC vs VW Eos on Channel Five by Tom Ford a fortnight ago eos

A positive result in the end.
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Saw a 308 CC when I was in Grand Cayman. Cool looking front end. Glad to have bought the better vehicle though (Peugeot isn't even available here).
Haven't even looked at the Lexus IS 250/350 C to see how the top works. I'm not crazy about the look. Infinity also has the new Q37 convertible out now too. Very pricey at $55k (US). I made an inquiry to the dealer to go check one out just out of curiosity. I was planning to check out the car and then demonstrate why the Eos with retractible sunroof was the superior car! Anyway, he told me that the Q37 was for "serious buyers only" and that I would need to come up with a deposit for purchase as most of them are being sold sight unseen. He told me if I wanted to see how one drove, I should drive the coupe. That comment alone made me tell him what an idiot he is for not realizing that assessing weight balance with the top down and checking for cowl shake, wind noise, etc are part of the assessment process when purchasing a convertible. Basically I told him that only an idiot would buy that car sight unseen, cc'd his manager on our emails back and forth and reminded them that I am a very happy Eos owner!
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