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VW Wigan trying to rip me off!

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Hi everyone i ordered my eos back in november and was happy enough paying £25,998 then i get a email the other day off

and i thought i'd have a look round and see if i could get my car the same price it turned out to be £3000 cheaper than im paying for it! i know you can say it was online so i decided to ring my other local VW garage and got a quote for the exact came car and he came up with £24,300! so as you can imagine i am not happy with VW Wigan so i've rang them up and the sales manager and the guy who sold me the car want to see me on friday. I dont think its fair that at one dealership they sell it for one price and at another they sell it for a totally different price. Is this allowed? :(

Stephb xx
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Agreed it's not fair but it is allowed. It's a simple case of buyer beware. Hopefully your dealer will sweeten your deal a little but I doubt if it will be anywhere near the 3k difference.
Best of luck Stephb
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