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VW Wigan trying to rip me off!

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Hi everyone i ordered my eos back in november and was happy enough paying £25,998 then i get a email the other day off

and i thought i'd have a look round and see if i could get my car the same price it turned out to be £3000 cheaper than im paying for it! i know you can say it was online so i decided to ring my other local VW garage and got a quote for the exact came car and he came up with £24,300! so as you can imagine i am not happy with VW Wigan so i've rang them up and the sales manager and the guy who sold me the car want to see me on friday. I dont think its fair that at one dealership they sell it for one price and at another they sell it for a totally different price. Is this allowed? :(

Stephb xx
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Steph, now try and forget the incident but keep ringing the manager and asking exactly where your car is - he will know!!! And just say your so excited and looking forward to it's arrival - make a real big deal about it and make him your friend. That way he will be pleased to get you off his back - don't forget to ask him to 'make sure my free sample of Krytox' is in the car when it arrives!!
Also ive been told off by VW for me naming and shaming them so im not allowed freedom of speech i guess. Im not having a go at them by this post just letting everyone know whats going on.
Steph xx
Steph, I just love the 'I've been told off by VW' bit. You do have freedom of speech and you have exercised it ! Strange how your now actually getting some action from them since naming and shaming isn't it. Your dealership will know that these forums are actually monitored by people further up the line from them, that's why you have been 'told off' believe me! As long as you have told nothing but the truth on the forum as to what has actually been happening there is nothing to worry about.
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