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Wannabe Now *IS* !!

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Hello again - this is Steve from the "Wannabe Member" thread. I'm not waiting for the Lexus IS250C to ship after all.

This evening I put down a deposit on a "pre-loved" 2008 VW Eos Komfort with just over 4K miles, in Thunder Blue with Cornsilk Beige interior. I have accepted $800 for my old Chrysler convertible, and not a moment too soon . . . may it rest in pieces.

I'll be picking up the car this Saturday. Yay!
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Congrats on your new Eos and getting rid of the Chrysler! Speaking of Chrysler, has anyone else had a good laugh when looking under the hood of the new Routan? It is Chrysler logo'd everywhere!!!! C'mon, VW, at least rebadge some parts!
..., and while I'm there I think I might pick up the monster floor mats. I fear this cream-colored interior is going to be tough to keep clean.

I'm glad you really like it. It truly is a stellar vehicle. Monster mats came with mine when I got it. I think they're worth it. You can find them on ebay too. If you get them on ebay just make sure you look carefully at the model year. The early ones had oval holes to keep the mats from sliding and the later ones have round. Get yourself some Krytox too while you're there.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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