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Wannabe Now *IS* !!

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Hello again - this is Steve from the "Wannabe Member" thread. I'm not waiting for the Lexus IS250C to ship after all.

This evening I put down a deposit on a "pre-loved" 2008 VW Eos Komfort with just over 4K miles, in Thunder Blue with Cornsilk Beige interior. I have accepted $800 for my old Chrysler convertible, and not a moment too soon . . . may it rest in pieces.

I'll be picking up the car this Saturday. Yay!
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Took 'er home today. The timing couldn't be better: today's the first day above 80 degrees F. in New Jersey this season, the Sebring's about to sputter and die, and next week Chrysler's going bankrupt. The wife came with me and approved the color combination. She liked everything on the lot from the Beetle to the CC, too.

My first real drive in the Eos showed me a lot of things, too -- primarily, what was I waiting for? Compared to this car, it felt like I've been pushing the Sebring uphill. The Eos gives me power and maneuverability on the highway when I need it, and it cruises gracefully and quietly down neighborhood streets.

And the dealer did a nice thing just before we drove off the lot: he threw in a windscreen. We drove home with the windscreen up, and for a distance with the windscreen down, and it makes a big difference! Though I am used to the wind blowing through my hair (it's part of the experience), the windscreen makes the ride as comfortable as a sedan with all the sights and sounds of a top-down ride.

I am not yet especially impressed with the quality of the audio, but this is just a first impression. I've still got to program my presets, activate Sirius, and throw in some CDs.

I did purchase extra coverage for the wheels and tires - about $400 for five years. Now I don't have to worry about how fast and tight I turn around corners or how close to the curb I parallel park. This coverage will certainly pay for itself.

In a few days I'll go back to the dealer and get my plates, and while I'm there I think I might pick up the monster floor mats. I fear this cream-colored interior is going to be tough to keep clean.

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On an eBay search for "eos monster mats," two sellers come up: one at $90 + FS, one at $70 + $10 shipping. As it happens, the first seller is my dealer, and they told me I can get 10% off all accessories. If their in-store price is the same as their eBay price, that would be $81 + sales tax (about $87).

This dealer has a whole eBay store for VW accessories, including splash guards and mud caps (which I am thinking about), trunk mats, aluminum pedal caps, and other stuff.

In the showroom today I saw a bluetooth phone kit for $500 installed. That would be nice, but worth the difference over a $30 earpiece? Nah...

I am however drooling over the VW navigation system - about $2000 online. My salesman says to make sure it has a touch screen, which only the latest version of the VW navi has. Yeah, I want that!

(now going to research prices on Krytox)
I am looking at the RNS510, which does have a Sirius tuner built-in. But I am putting the GPS plan on the back burner. Now I am looking at the mods4cars roof module, although after reviewing the installation instructions I am reluctant to tear my trunk apart to install it. I want to keep my new car . . . new!

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