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Warranty issues so far on delivered Eos'...

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updated june 8, 2007, at 20:22
hey gang...

I figure we'd start a thread where we list ALL of our warranty issues, and perhaps re-edit our posts as with the progress or solution to the problem. This way if we see a pattern of issues, it might either help the VW lurkers or even the owner sort out a solution.

Mine was finally delivered last week and so far:

1) Driver side switches for the rear windows would stick in both the up and down position... almost seemed like a feature at first.

solution: new switches ordered and replaced on door

2) lumbar support on driver side seat would stick or not engage in one of the positional toggles.

solution: new switch installed on lumbar support, requited the removal of front seat.

3) Bubbling of the black vinyl skin on the door sil panel when hot. Its the top rear deck trim panel behind the driver and right next to the rear passenger's head on their left (its the front most panel that slides to the side to allow the leading pilars of the roof to emerge)

solution: Replacement: the dealer said that they are ording the part, it may take a week to get it in.

4) The trunk locking mechanism wasn't engaging the trunk... leaving it open and unlocked all of the time.

solution: The dealer is ordering a new locking motor and it should take a few days.

As a side note, I still have to deal with the nightmode not working on the avic-D3 nav system...
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