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water collecting when the doors are shut

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hey guys . i live in scotland where it rains alot ! i have noticed when it rains the door nearthe sills collect alot of rain water. when you open the door lots of water pours out onto your feet. is this common on the eos or is it just mine.
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Water leaks

Hi All

For the very occasional time when the rain is heavy, or as in the UK overnight lying snow, has anyone considered the additional benefit of one of these (see web address). I do stress occasional, some don't even suffer any water weeping problems at all

water collecting

Hi Graham

Yes it was the "idea/theory" I was trying to show, your comments are very vaild, when you search such products on the web they go from £23, the one shown at £39 ish to well over £100 just for top covers. I used to use one when I had my Morgan, but again as you have pointed out that was also a "soft" top.

1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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