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What is this Warning Icon

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Most of the icons appear on start up. Some remain then disappear when rolling.
So what is the icon that is pointed at with the arrow?
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See attached. Top right is parking brake set on.
New cars have an extra safety feature to start them. Some you have to press the clutch pedal (icon 17), I guess yours is auto so you have to press the brake pedal to start it, although icon 18 shows as green - Does yours change color from yellow to green when you press the brake pedal?? Because it happens very rarely, icon 21 tire pressure is the one that catches many out.

It has been a common problem for senior drivers unfamiliar with auto transmission to drive their cars through garage walls, over kerbs and into barriers of high rise parking lots! You should have a drivers manual in the top of the glove box?
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Thankyou for your reply. Unfortunately our 08 Eos did not come with an owners manual or a second key. for that matter. We were able to purchase extended warranty and a program which allows for key replacement.
To answer your question the icon completely vanishes when the brake is depressed.
It is telling you to press the brake pedal so you can select reverse or drive as yours is a DSG. If you don’t you Cant take it out of Park or put it into reverse from Drive.
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