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What size screw for visor clip (P/N 3B0857561BY20)?

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Does anyone know what size screw I need for the Visor Clip? The parts diagram doesn't detail the screws (link below), it doesn't ship with the screws (I purchased the new part from dealer), and I can't get the cap off the other one to examine its screws.

3B0857561BY20 - Volkswagen Visor. Sun. Bracket. HOLDER. Support | Teddy Volkswagen of the Bronx, Bronx NY

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I've had mine off many times: If you look very carefully around the sides of the cap there's a small cutout on one long edge into which you insert a small screwdriver and carefully lever up. The cap can go back 2 ways and often the cutout is at the top in front of the screen where you can't see it. If you damage a cap and the moulded clip no longer holds it you can put it back with Blue Tack

The screws from memory are black self tappers which you can measure and get off Ebay or elsewhere.
It sounds like this assumes the cap and clip assembly is in your hand, it seems very difficult when it is currently installed. I'll try again but the edges you speak of are quite recessed when installed.
No, I've had them off many times and have a good memory for detail! Think outside the box, get a dental mirror to search around the sides for the small jeweller screwdriver size slot, insert and lift up. If you go about it ham fisted and break it only to buy another, at least you will see and learn how it is held on.
Fair enough.. I'll give it another go. Thanks
Fair enough.. I'll give it another go. Thanks
Well I gave it my best shot .. I had a brand new clip and cap in hand so I knew how everything clicked together. The jeweler's screwdriver didn't work. Perhaps a right angle "pick" might have worked .. when I upgraded to a larger screwdriver, I snapped the visor clip (I'll get a new one) .. once that was snapped, I just had at it since I was already into it for $5.. I did get the cap off the broken clip... pictures of the screw are below.

It's a T-20 pan-head.

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Fair enough.. I'll give it another go. Thanks
and .. here are the screws (link below) .. case closed ..

it seems that they are used elsewhere in the interior trim as well .. if you want a specimen that might be easier to get at than behind the "visor support cap", it looks like they use the same screw for the actual visor which is beneath an easier "cap"

When you work on these cars there are a lot of small trim parts, screws plastic fixings etc. Eventually you'll get yourself a few of the common parts (and a shop manual) and won't have to keep visiting dealers. Many fasteners are 'generic' listed on Ebay. It's usually colored parts that are dealer only, unless they are gray or black and the Chinese have copied them.
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