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What would you get?

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Having been plagued with problems with our 56plate EOS-the dealer has finally agreed to replace the car with a brand new one. HOWEVER they are pushing me to go for a different car altogether....(something that I am very reluctant to do, being as the EOS is such a nice car, well one that works anyway)...

What other VW would you go for? Suggestions would be great.
(...I have a VW Tiguan already)
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thanks guys for your messages and advise.... let me try and reply to everyones suggestions.

Darren - the passat cc is a nice car, a little too large for what i need...however my gut feeling is that its a poor mans bmw 6-series. (sorry to those of you who may have one).

geoffa1 - I totally agree on both points!! The boss even said he didnt like his eos at the surprise of both the salesman and myself!!

SiJ2000 - I agree, you would hope the new eos' are better. maybe it was a mistake on my part to go for it as soon as it came out...

The Baron - Again agree - its not a convertible, and I think I'd miss putting the roof down.

sunscreemer - got a Tiguan already (for the dog!) and love it!

pacemaker1000 - uk, weathers not great, but when you can the roof goes down. mk6 golf isnt an eos (if you know what I mean, its only a golf, and how many of those will be around....) I think the dealer wants to sort this out asap, hence would not be prepared to wait until 2009.

thanks again for all your help...i think EOS it is!!
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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