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What would you get?

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Having been plagued with problems with our 56plate EOS-the dealer has finally agreed to replace the car with a brand new one. HOWEVER they are pushing me to go for a different car altogether....(something that I am very reluctant to do, being as the EOS is such a nice car, well one that works anyway)...

What other VW would you go for? Suggestions would be great.
(...I have a VW Tiguan already)
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Knock on wood, I have had NO problems with my 2008 Eos Lux 2.0T in the past almost 11 months of ownership. As you know it is fun to drive and NOTHING else has the combination sunroof and convertible option. I think I'd get another Eos if I were you. If and Eos is out of the question, the Passat CC sure looks nice. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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