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Where are you Gavster?

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Where are you Gavin ............ there are tons of fans out there that miss your input. We know you are missing your EOS and are up in the air, but we still miss your pearls of wisdom! Talk to us!

How about it everybody? Let Gavin know we need to hear from him!
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Oh Simon .... it won't take long to notice! Cheers!
Welcome Back Roberta!
We definitely missed you too .... search dogs were just about to go out for you, when we saw you listed on the sign in sheet. glad you are back!
No faking required, Roberta .... I'm a lot older than you and my car isn't red but my ATV is. And .... as soon as I get it, wait til you see my new red winter vehicle. It's a secret for now, but picture will follow when I receive it!
Glad to have you back!
Good to hear from you Gavin .... in spite of no news. Give em hell, Mate. They owe you big time, and you should be put at the top of the VW priority list. They have supplied you a defective car and morally are obliged to satisfy you before providing new ones!
Nope - they have lent us a diesel Touran. Not a bad car but not my cup of tea.
All the more reason to make your dissatisfaction known!
HA! You said "moral obligation." I like the optimism, Fred. ;)
Unfortunately, you are probably right Joe. But I would still scream blue murder at VW, make absolutely clear that they were aware they had knowingly provided me on a continuing basis with an unsafe car, and suggest that I would consider airing my concerns in a very public way! Anything to get their undivided attention including a 2 by 4!

P.S. Three dogs but none in back seat!
So? What's your point?! :p
The combined weight of my three beasts is just under 175 pounds. They are always hiking in the bush, happy but dripping wet and full of mud. So, there is no way I'd put them in my back seat!
C'mon Gavin, give us one of your reviews on the Touran.
Ddlweb has a good point ... you definitely are a Toureg guy. Better write the Touran report quickly before your next car comes! Good luck, Mate!
1 - 9 of 27 Posts
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