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Where are you Gavster?

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Where are you Gavin ............ there are tons of fans out there that miss your input. We know you are missing your EOS and are up in the air, but we still miss your pearls of wisdom! Talk to us!

How about it everybody? Let Gavin know we need to hear from him!
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Maybe I shoudn't have said I was going offline for a week.... Then when I got back, could have seen if anyone noticed!
Well, I was gone for over 2 weeks and nobody noticed. Wonder what Gavin has that I don't have.:(

Anyway, no Eos yet. My salesman was sure it would be here at the end of September and delivered to me last Tuesday. Now I'm told it won't be at the dock until Nov. 2. So, what was to be a 12-16 week delivery time looks like 20-21 weeks at the earliest. :(

Not missed AND no car -- it's almost too much to bear.
Welcome Back Roberta!
We definitely missed you too .... search dogs were just about to go out for you, when we saw you listed on the sign in sheet. glad you are back!
Thanks SHF! I was back east visiting with friends, relatives, children, and grandchildren. I celebrated my birthday on a movable feast through MA, NH, CT and then west to San Diego, CA. Now I am a year older and surely on the cusp of being too old for a bright red car. But, I plan to fake that for many years to come -- in spirit anyway. Hoping you are in tip top shape yourself! :)
(Sorry to get off topic -- I have no other car news or info to tell anyone. As others have reported, the extra waiting is beyond disappointing, especially given my dealer's positive expectations for delivery upon my return. Trying to stay positive -- good things are worth waiting for.)
And, hanging out here with you nice folks is a great way to pass the time -- glad to be back!!:)
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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