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Who needs a hatchback, not me!

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Mothers Eh! what would you do with them.
My mummy bought me a new compost bin, but she had it delivered to her house 20 miles away. Didn't fancy taking the trailer so stuck it in the back of the car and strapped it in with the rear seat belts. Looks like a giant mortar launcher in the back, got a few funny looks I can tell you.
Still at least it wasn't full of compost :eek:

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All right! You definitely look ready to "blast off"! Cheers!
Also forgot to mention how shiny the car looks also!!!!
Thanks guys,
I like to have a 'blast off' every day Fred :)

As for the shiny paint I think its enhanced by the camera. In reality I have stone chips (boo hoo) and fine scratches. How did your permagaurd treatment go Simon? and hey good luck with the meet up later.
Cheers, David
At least it was colour cordinated ! Nice shine by the way
Permagard is next week.... Will let you know how it goes!!! ;)

Mine has chips too! The camera really does make mine look brill also!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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