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Hello Everyone,

I just purchased a wind deflector from Lou78 to replace the one I have. I think it's a great feature as you still get the open-air feel with some breeze but the cabin remains turbulence-free which is ideal for long highway drives where that "wind in your hair thing" can go from lovely to somewhat annoying after a while. You also hear your music more clearly and your passenger(s) when trying to have a conversation. And if you want the open air, you just reach behind you and push the top bit down as it folds onto the other part. In other words you don't have to take it out completely when you want the full open air experience. Many/most of you will know this already being Eos owners but for those who perhaps didn't get one with their car when they bought it (second hand), it's good info. In windy seaside Vancouver, I find this a really great feature on the cooler days.

Mine is perfectly functional and looks fine but it does have a small hole in the part that sits upright behind the head rests and then on the part that lies across and over the back seats, there is a small tear. Functionally, it works great and blocks the wind. The only issue is aesthetics. In reality, nobody driving around you would even notice the tiny hole and the tear is completely out of sight. That said, since my Eos is only 4 years old and in excellent condition, I wanted a wind deflector that had no imperfections.

Bottom line is that this is a good opportunity for someone who wants/needs a wind deflector but isn't overly concerned about the aesthetic bit. Perhaps you have a much older model with some dents and dings and you're no longer too concerned about the "perfection factor".

I'd be selling it at a greatly discounted price due to the imperfections.

Open to offers. We would need to factor in shipping costs as well.

Storage bag included.




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