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wind deflector

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any one got the wind deflector fitted, is it any good, is it worth having, is it detachable. have just ordered 2.0 sport and put many extras on except the wind deflector, have i made a mistake or not
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I agree. The red is quite a nice contrast to any outside color. Alas, not an option here. At least you get to enjoy it.

Thanks for the picures. The light blue with the light interior looks very cool!
The radio looks different from the standard in the UK, is it special?

I think Hugh and I have the same radio system. It isn't the Dynaudio, but I am pretty happy with the quality. I think it is the standard system. It has 8 speakers still and you can rock along with the top down at a high speed no problem.

Nice looking car. It was a tough choice for me between that color and the black I actually took.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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