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wind deflector

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any one got the wind deflector fitted, is it any good, is it worth having, is it detachable. have just ordered 2.0 sport and put many extras on except the wind deflector, have i made a mistake or not
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Wind Deflector

The only thing I can suggest is ... if you want it, order it NOW. In Canada (and, I believe US, VW charge twice as much if you order it later, as opposed to if you purchase it as original equipment!
Canadian EOS models have two grades of radios available .... a deluxe model which comes with the Sport or Deluxe package (has a 6 CD changer built-in to console, shows all stations on display, but is different from your Dynaudio), or a standard radio. I believe the deluxe radio model is only available with these special packages.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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