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OK, so I got the dealer to drop on the price because upon delivery VW forgot to include the windblocker. Of course the little bird on my shoulder is screaming "discount!" or supply me the windblocker. There were only two Eos's on the lot and they wouldn't take the blocker out of the other unsold Eos because it is a V6 DSG and mine is a 2.0T, nor order me one. So they came off the price with the value of the blocker (about $500).

Now that you know the fun background, my question is where can I find a windblocker at a decent price (if possible). Well, actually, is it really worth it? Has anyone tried it with and without to see the difference? I found a website that has them for about $490.00, but I like my money too much to buy it without knowing I will love it.

Your thoughts please!
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these wind breaks are a mystery!

I just don't want to order it if I have to take it out of the car and store it every time i have the roof up! that would be a nightmare!

oh well, better get back to work now.....before i get the sack!!! i'll look again tonight to see what the general verdict on the breakers is!

I ordered one with the car and have used it a couple of times and whilst it does make a difference (just about totally draught-free with it in position) most of the time I can't be bothered as it's not particularly draughty without it anyway.. Probably helps most in the winter.

And Yes, you can leave it in position with the roof up. If you don't use the back seats you could leave it in all the time.

It comes in a leather-look plastic zip-up bag which just sits in the boot. Think the price they charge is extortionate for what it actually is though - a few bits of bent steel tube and some mesh.. But then since when were factory options good value?

Hi, I do not have the windbreak/blocker fitted to my car.
With the roof down and windows up (ok, I know that it looks a bit poncy) then the buffeting is not bad. With the windows down, then the buffeting increases.

I know that I can order the windbreak/blocker that fits behind the front seats(at some extortionate cost), but can anyone explain what the windshield thing (not sure of correct name) does that is fitted to the top of the front screen. I have read about this in the owners book, but can not order one as it is a factory fit option!

What I mean, is will there be any benefit in only having the rear seat wind break, as I will never now be able to have the other option.
I just wondered what benefit, if any, I was missing.


Pepino's right - it's for use with the sunroof; and it's standard on all Eoses

Thanks Neh321 and Pepino for the info.
I could not find it on my car, the last time I looked was after reading about it in the manual.
iIasked at the dealers, and they said that it was not standard on my 2.0 TFSi, but was a factory fit item and only available to order at the time a car is being built !
They offered to sell me the thing that sits over the rear seats, but I was not sure about the benefits of using this without the other.
However, I shall look again at the manual and at the car, but probably not until Saturday, as it is still dark when I set of to work, and dark when I return home, and probably need to have agood look in daylight.
I too enjoy driving with just the sunroof open, but at about 40mph, the noise and buffetting are more than I would really like.

Thanks again.:)


Sorry but your dealer's talking b*ll*cks! They are a standard fit on all Eoses! Have another look.

Thanks again for the info, I certainly will have another look.:eek:

Oh, by the way, my dealer has talked b*ll*cks since day one ! :(


Actually it's all they ever do...!

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