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OK, so I got the dealer to drop on the price because upon delivery VW forgot to include the windblocker. Of course the little bird on my shoulder is screaming "discount!" or supply me the windblocker. There were only two Eos's on the lot and they wouldn't take the blocker out of the other unsold Eos because it is a V6 DSG and mine is a 2.0T, nor order me one. So they came off the price with the value of the blocker (about $500).

Now that you know the fun background, my question is where can I find a windblocker at a decent price (if possible). Well, actually, is it really worth it? Has anyone tried it with and without to see the difference? I found a website that has them for about $490.00, but I like my money too much to buy it without knowing I will love it.

Your thoughts please!
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i have it and it does make a diference,
i think it is very usefull and necesary.
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